A day in the life of a puppy

There was a leaf and I sniffed it and there was kibble and I peed and I took a nap and there was a bird and I barked at it and we played King of the Hill and I peed and I took a nap and…

J’ai bien reçu cet SMS du chiot d’un pote aujourd’hui :

yavê une feui é jl’é reniiiphlé é yavê dé krokè é sétè miam miam et pui jé fê pipi é popo et pui jmesui fê un peti som et pui jé fê pipi et pui yavê un ouoyzo et jé hurlé trê férossmen et ysanètalé et pui on a jwé roy de la montanie et pui jé fê un peti som et pui jé fê pipi é pui ma seur m’a bouskulé et jé di “iapiapiap” é pui on a rennniphlé un ballllon é pui on a jwé loup-garou é pui jé fê pipi é pui jmsui fê un peti som et pui jé fê pipi

Nul en ponctuation mais il se débrouille pour bien exprimer ce qui lui passe quand même, hein ?

French notes: You’ll find the names of some dog breeds below.  (I have no idea how one pronounces chow-chow in French.)  One of the delightful aspects of regulation in France: you can call your purebred dog  (le chien de race) anything you want, but its registry name has to start with the official letter of that year.  2017 is N, so look for lots of registry names like Ninou, Nanette, or Nadine until fin décembre, and then lots of puppies named things like Olivier, Odette, or Ourson beginning January 1st…  One of the delightful aspects of the language itself is the occasional presence of names for males and females of a given breed, but the only one that I know off the top of my head is levrette–no limite remarks necessary on that one, but I’d love to hear about others in the Comments section…

Picture source: http://www.ikonet.com/fr/ledictionnairevisuel/images/qc/races-de-chiens-290540.jpg
Picture source: http://www.ikonet.com/fr/ledictionnairevisuel/images/qc/races-de-chiens-290541.jpg

13 thoughts on “A day in the life of a puppy”

  1. I hope when he grows up he will learn orthography, cause it’s unworthy of a French dog . I can’t find any other dog breed than the greyhound that has a different name for females but I’m not an expert . I wonder if you know the sexual meaning of “levrette” though . Pardon me if that’s what you implied with your “no limite remarks necessary”.

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  2. Phil may correct us but I believe the French pronunciation of ‘chow-chow’ is ‘sho-sho’. And the letter thing is why I have two dogs called Higgins and Humphrey! (2012 was an ‘H’ year).

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      1. Yes, it’s oddly quirky and sweet the way these ridiculous rules have their charm. Although it can be exasperating to try and find names you like with certain letters. Wonder what will happen when we get to W?

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