Stereotypes about the French–in French

I posted a film about things that people (OK, mostly Americans) shouldn’t do in France.  Here’s one about stereotypes about the French, as explained in French.  I have to say: they nailed it.  Scroll down for some vocabulary, and then watch the video!  (Good luck understanding these folks–reeeeally hard to follow, if you’re not a native speaker, but good practice.)

  • parler fort: to speak loudly.
  • impoli: rude, in the sense of “impolite.”
  • vulgaire, grossier/grossière: rude, in the sense of “crude” or “vulgar.”
  • rude: hard, tough, harsh; dreadful, unkind, coarse; or, in slang, “great.”
  • pervers: perverse, wicked, grotesque; or, in the film, “pervy.”
  • marinière: striped shirt, striped sweater, French sailor’s shirt.
  • le truc: thing, thingy.  (I can’t believe that this word has never come up before–it’s, like, the most French word ever, and they don’t teach it to us in school.)

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