The LIMSI-ILES web page and the greatest French word ever

When in France I work as a visiting researcher in the Groupe Information, Langue Ecrite et Signée (ILES).  I thought it would be nice if I could read my own group’s web page, so I opened up a dictionary and headed on over.  Perusing the page, I saw what must be the best French word ever: retweeté, “re-Tweeted.”  Note that I have no idea whatsoever how to pronounce it.

So, what else would one need to know in order to be able to read the ILES web page?

  • la modélisation: according to, it’s the establishment of a pattern, model, or template. modélisation et traitement automatique de la langue
  • une analyse: analysis; in a medical context, blood test.  leur analyse, leur compréhension ou leur production
  • précis(e): accurate, precise, exact, specific.  Can also be a book, in which case it’s a handbook, manual, or summary.

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