Switched at birth. No, really.

The front-page story on the free newspaper that someone handed me as I got on the Métro was about a court case that just started.  Two families of twenty-year-old girls are filing suit because their daughters were switched at birth.  With such an unlikely occurrence, why wouldn’t Zipf’s Law strike over and over?

  • le procès: trial, lawsuit, (divorce) proceedings
  • intervertir: to switch, invert, exchange
  • la maternité: maternity hospital; motherhood, maternity; pregnancy
  • épuisant: exhausting
  • afficher: put up; post; display; exhibit; reveal
  • le sourire: smile
  • le sien: his, hers, its
  • les siens: one’s loved ones
  • accoucher: to have a baby, to be in labor
  • accoucher de: to struggle to produce
  • accoucher d’un garçon: to give birth to/to have a boy
  • une enquête: investigation; inquiry; (sondage d’opinion) survey
  • la jaunisse: jaundice
  • la couveuse: incubator

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