Coup de grâce: Don Marquis’s “freddy the rat perishes”

Some of the most traumatic experiences of my life have involved me killing a mouse.  Tonight was no exception. 

Some of the most traumatic experiences of my life have involved me killing a mouse.  Tonight was no exception.  Delivering the coup de grâce was miserable for me–besides being soft-hearted, I have an incredible phobia about dead animals–but I felt like after a long and hard-fought battle, the furry little warrior deserved it.

The experience brought to mind the end of this poem by Don Marquis.  It is all in lower-case because it has been typed by a cockroach.  Archie (yes, that’s the cockroach’s name) depresses the keys by jumping on them; this precludes ever hitting the shift key to make upper-case letters.  Many thanks to the Don Marquis blog, where I found the text.  Want to know more about the strange case of Archie the cockroach poet?  See this post.

freddy the rat perishes

By Don Marquis, in “archy and mehitabel,” 1927

listen to me there have
been some doings here since last
i wrote there has been a battle
behind that rusty typewriter cover
in the corner
you remember freddy the rat well
freddy is no more but
he died game the other
day a stranger with a lot of
legs came into our
little circle a tough looking kid
he was with a bad eye

who are you said a thousand legs
if i bite you once
said the stranger you won t ask
again he he little poison tongue said
the thousand legs who gave you hydrophobia
i got it by biting myself said
the stranger i m bad keep away
from me where i step a weed dies
if i was to walk on your forehead it would
raise measles and if
you give me any lip i ll do it

they mixed it then
and the thousand legs succumbed
well we found out this fellow
was a tarantula he had come up from
south america in a bunch of bananas
for days he bossed us life
was not worth living he would stand in
the middle of the floor and taunt
us ha ha he would say where i
step a weed dies do
you want any of my game i was
raised on red pepper and blood i am
so hot if you scratch me i will light
like a match you better
dodge me when i m feeling mean and
i don t feel any other way i was nursed
on a tabasco bottle if i was to slap
your wrist in kindness you
would boil over like job and heaven
help you if i get angry give me
room i feel a wicked spell coming on

last night he made a break at freddy
the rat keep your distance
little one said freddy i m not
feeling well myself somebody poisoned some
cheese for me im as full of
death as a drug store i
feel that i am going to die anyhow
come on little torpedo don t stop
to visit and search then they
went at it and both are no more please
throw a late edition on the floor i want to
keep up with china we dropped freddy
off the fire escape into the alley with
military honors


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3 thoughts on “Coup de grâce: Don Marquis’s “freddy the rat perishes””

  1. I’ve been AWOL for a very long time. Now, staggering back to some normality and blinking in the sunlight, you have no idea what a joy it is to find you again. And that poem will lead me down another corridor which I am itching to explore. I can handle dead animals but dead birds do for me.

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