Some mornings my vocabulary words are more interesting than others

Camus’s L’Étranger, end of the first chapter of Part II: “that’s all for today, Mr. Antichrist.” Note that the final T is pronounced.

6 thoughts on “Some mornings my vocabulary words are more interesting than others”

    1. Oh my God, I had no idea that the T at the end of Christ is pronounced–I’ve probably been inadvertently offending people for the past four years! I love to give tours of Paris, and that always includes Notre Dame, so He comes up in conversation a lot… Thanks!


      1. Don’t worry, people in France are not always “offended” for any reason . They probably though that you were a foreigner or that you had a brain stroke, two different ways to the same result … 😜

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  1. Regarding me and my attempts to speak French, my boss compares me to the dancing bear: the interesting thing is not that the bear dances badly, but that he dances at all. 🙂

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  2. A little light Antichrist always adds a frisson of interest in a day whatever the context, I have found!

    As an aside, I have been absent for several weeks whilst I effected a rather major move. Now that I am settled it is a pleasure to be able to dip back into the blog-pool and over time I will catch up with all I have missed. And of course, write some of my own too, thought that may be construed as a threat rather than a delight 😉

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