Veterans running for office as Democrats in 2018

It irritates me when people assume that US military people all vote Republican–plenty of us are reliable Democratic voters.

It irritates me when people assume that US military people vote Republican. We’re humans, which means that we are not all the same, and plenty of us are reliable Democratic voters. Trump the war-mongering draft-dodger? A poll in October of last year by the Military Times (the most recent one I can find today) showed the following:

  • 53% of officers oppose him
  • Only 30% of officers support him
  • Only 47% of enlisted personnel support him
  • 38% of enlisted personnel view him unfavorably

I’ve written a number of times about why his approval ratings are so low in the military–today I’ll just leave you with this link to a nice article about veterans running for office in 2018 as Democrats.

4 thoughts on “Veterans running for office as Democrats in 2018”

  1. Heartening but should it surprise … of course service people both veteran and currently serving come in all shapes and flavours in every nuance of taste, including politics. Speaking as an English woman who speaks with an accent that reeks of old money I cannot abide the ludicrous notion of pigeon holing. I expect I should be a dyed in the wool card carrying Tory but I have only ever voted Liberal (Lib Dem as it is these days) or Labour (I gave up on Labour with the rise of Tony (or should I say Tory) Blair (or should I say Blur as in blur the line between socialism and elitism) but we’re I to vote in England today it would be socialist. I know you to be a decent, considered, thoughtful and socially aware man and I would not dream of condemning you as a Republican any more than my father, who served in The Royal Navy for 15 years would stand accused of bring a Tory. To the contrary he raised me to be the socialist I am despite, and probably because of, having enjoyed a privileged accident of birth. We shall overcome…. just you wait and see 🙂

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    1. Americans assume ALL THE TIME that all military people support the Republicans. One of the effects of not having a draft (mandatory military service) here since Vietnam is that most people don’t have a relative or friend who has served, and they make assumptions.

      I got especially irritated about this when I heard a reporter say the other day that “of course” Trump got a friendly reception when he recently spoke at a military base. In fact there are some VERY good reasons behind military people’s distaste for Trump–I’ve written about some of them before (and I’m sure that I’ll write about more of them in the future), so I will restrain myself from ranting right at this moment…

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