Linguists: boring? Incomprehensible? Evil?

Common wisdom—an oxymoron if ever there was one—has it that linguistics and linguists themselves have a bit of a reputation problem. Are linguists boring? Incomprehensible? Pointless? Evil?  The contention of this paper is—given that perception is nine-tenths of reality—unless we ask, we’ll never know.  — The Speculative Grammarian


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Follow this link to read the source of the preceding quote.  Bonus points for understanding the mean-of-means joke.  Even more bonus points for explaining it in the Comments.

How linguistics got her groove back


8 thoughts on “Linguists: boring? Incomprehensible? Evil?”

  1. I think the “survey” row results are biased. By adding it as a question after already annoying the survey participants, “survey” mean was meant to to annoy.

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  2. I enjoyed some wit in the story, I enjoyed it without understanding what’s underneath . Rudimentary English and zero linguistics bases probably, for it can’t be because I’m a moron, can it ?

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