Elevators shall not be used in case of fire–seriously??

While I sit on a plane, somewhere past midnight, waiting for a gate to clear…

1. From a linguistic perspective, exactly how useless is this sign?  Give examples. 

2. Multiple choice: The fact that this was my dinner the other night, eaten in bed upon my post-midnight arrival at the hotel, is (a) a classic First-World Problem, (b) just to be expected, (c) better than trying to go to sleep hungry, (d) all of the above. 

3. Knowing that the French verb “to suppurate” (I think it’s actually an inchoative–“to become suppurative,” or something like that) starts  with the sequence ABC makes me feel ______________.

4 thoughts on “Elevators shall not be used in case of fire–seriously??”

  1. I don’t understand much in this post, feeling like an idiot . I have no idea of your intention, and this funny suppurer doesn’t help . A wound that produces pus “suppure” but why do you want this verb to be inchoative ?

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    1. Why inchoative: when I look up abcéder in French monolingual dictionaries, the sense always includes an element of becoming.

      Devenir le siège d’un abcès.

      se transformer en abcès

      Se tourner en abcès. Gattel 1797.

      Devenir, se transformer en, se tourner en–that would be inchoative, I think, right?

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