How we’re sounding stupid today: 1 fish per ticket

Sometimes you just gotta laugh. If it’s at yourself: all the better.

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A study break yesterday evening found me in the basement of a Latin bar near the Bataclan.  There were tickets.  There was booze.  There was a guy who asked me a question.  (If it’s in italics, it happened in French.)

Guy: Does your ticket get you a fish?

Me: Excuse me?

Guy: One ticket, one fish?

Me: Ummm…

Guy: [Points at my beer] A fish.  Is your ticket for getting a fish?

Me: [Looking at my beer, lights go on] Yes, your ticket gets you a drink.  [Hiding my head in my hands, off to the bathroom to cry all alone]

French notes:

  • le poisson: fish.
  • la boisson: drink.

5 thoughts on “How we’re sounding stupid today: 1 fish per ticket”

  1. Hey, it is LA boisson . This should have saved you from this confusion . Not mentioning the difference between P and B . I wonder what you would do in Egypt where they can’t say P and always say B instead . ” Give me a ben, sir !”

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