Bambi. The text at the top reads “Bambi, tell me your story again.”

Who knows what randomness Zipf’s Law will bring into your day?  The path from the train station to the lab takes you through a bit of beautiful forest.  A couple of weeks ago, one of my coworkers saw a biche in the forest on the way to work.  After some discussion, we concluded that the English word for this is a doe.  This got me thinking about just how rare some of the words that you know in your native language are.  I guess that if you belong to a hunting culture in North America, the words for deer might be a lot more common in your life than they are in mine–I don’t hunt, and the incidence of these words in my world must be incredibly low.  Yet: I have a reasonably well-developed vocabulary for talking about deer, like any other English speaker, I imagine.  Let’s see some French equivalents:

Sorry, this page is still under construction.

  • le cerf: deer.  (You probably already know that one, but I include it for completeness.)
  • la biche: doe.
  • la venaison: venison.

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