First experiment done

My goal for my time at LIMSI was to get one experiment running, end to end.  Well, my goal was to get a paper written, but my realistic goal was to get one experiment done.  And, I did!  Experiment finished an hour before my final presentation of my code.  With that being the big event of the day, it seems like some technical vocabulary is appropriate for my last day at LIMSI.

  • le processus (pronounced [prosesys] (International Phonetic Alphabet)): process. Processus d’évaluation: evaluation process.
  • le rang: rank, value; line, row; place, classification.  La variable dépendante du modèle de régression multiple de notre analyse est le rang de monosémie au seuile de significativité de 0,99999.  Click here for source.
  • une amélioration: improvement, enhancement.  Entre syntaxe et sémantique: Normalisation de l’analyse syntaxique en vue de l’amélioration de l’extraction d’information.   Click here for source.


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