Zipf’s Law strikes again

French words from walking around my neighborhood, checking out the various businesses:

  • le traiteur: Caterer.  I think it also might refer to a place/person that makes food to go.
  • la gestion: Management, administration.
  • un achat: Purchase, buying.  As opposed to…
  • la vente: Sales, selling.
  • le comptoir: A counter (as in a bar), although I see it more often in the sense of a bar.

Words from doing the grocery shopping:

  • le seiche: Cuttlefish (quite tasty grilled)
  • le poulpe: Octopus.  Having it for dinner, in a salad.
  • la coquille: Shell.
  • filme fraîchure: Saran wrap.
  • écrémé: Fat-free.


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