I can haz cheeseburger?

My morning conversation with my office mate, reconstructed to the best of my ability:

Brigitte: why are you sitting in the cafeteria this morning?

Me: the woman who is my desk is here today.

Brigitte: Oh, that’s right—Véronique is here. The desk by the door is free, though.

Me: each one is sitting at the desk by the door today.

Brigitte: no, there’s no one there.

Me: it’s OK—I is leaving early today.

Sigh…   Hope I can manage to get one non-idiotic sentence out of my mouth before I go home in a month…



5 thoughts on “I can haz cheeseburger?”

  1. I’ve heard that during WWII, American GIs would try to talk to French rabbis in Yiddish, and in their Yiddishkeit-centric world couldn’t understand how these rabbis could be rabbis. (Apparently Golda Meir had a similar reaction to a group of Israeli immigrés who failed to understand her speech in Yiddish.)


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